Fishing and Sport Shooting Tournaments

Selah Ranch has different types of trap machines allowing several people to shoot in rounds in a group setting. This allows shooters to hone their skills, and creates a fun and competitive atmosphere in which all levels of ability can participate. With safety being our prime objective, our ranch near Dallas provides a range master and one assistant for groups, as well as all equipment needed.

Shotguns are skeet/trap grade, over/under models, either Beretta or SKB and are available in both 12 and 20 gauge.

Shooting Tournament
Fee Structure (Effective December 1, 2008) Resident guests: A round of shots (25 shells) is $20.00. Price includes using a Selah Over/Under shotgun, shells, and targets. Must be accompanied by a Selah Authorized Employee. Nonresident guests: By Appointment Only
Take Away a Fish Story from Selah Ranch at Your Own Fishing Tournament!

A fishing tournament at our East Texas ranch can be arranged for group functions. With advance notice, hats and/or T-shirts can be furnished for participants with your own artwork. Prizes for tournaments are the responsibility of the sponsor. Selah Ranch staff will supervise your event, provide instructions and timing, and hand out prizes if desired. You may want to have your own “chief of operations” and staff, in which case Selah staff will be happy to assist. A beverage cart will be available for all participants with cold drinks, ice & bottled water.

Categories for fishing can be created by the sponsor or following are a few suggestions:
  • Largest Fish
  • Smallest Fish
  • Most Fish
  • Most types of fish
  • Most pounds caught during a specified length of time
Fishing tournament
Fee Structure (Effective January, 2011)  Resident guests: No land use fee Nonresident Guests: $200.00 Administrative Fee: $150.00 1-4 hours, $250.00 4-8 hours (Includes digital group & winner snapshots) Entry Fee: $25/person with minimum 10 participants (Includes box lunch) Poles & bait furnished: $20/person (may furnish your own) “Selah” hat: $18/each “Selah” T-Shirt: $12/each Customized T-Shirts: $20/person with acceptable lead time & submission of camera ready artwork.
Fishing for the fun of it
Just Fish
PLAIN OLE FISHING JUST FOR THE FUN OF IT! Selah Ranch has multiple fishing lakes. The lakes are stocked with Largemouth Bass, Crappie, and Channel Catfish. Bass have been taken up to 8 pounds, Crappie up to 3.5 pounds and Channel Cat up to 5.5 pounds. These varieties are the most popular fish to catch, and while most fishing is done on a catch and release basis, anyone is allowed to keep their catch. All fishing is “bank fishing,” and Selah Ranch “guides” can provide fishing poles and bait necessary for a fun family vacation in Texas.  Day Fishing Fees Nonresident guests: $35/day
Children under 12: Free!
All children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult.
Fishing with family